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Who We Are

At Solomon Finance, we offer a range of financial services to our clients. Our services include asset loans, investment advice, budget planning, and more. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique financial needs and provide tailored solutions to help them achieve their goals.

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Robert Verni
Finance Broker

Celebrating a remarkable 20-year journey in finance, Im a seasoned finance broker and banker renowned for their exceptional skills.


With a passion for crafting financial solutions, I have been a trusted guide, seamlessly navigating the finance landscape.


As a finance broker, Rob excels in tailoring strategies to meet individual needs, whether it's finding the perfect loan or managing risk factors with finesse.


Rob is known for problem-solving and strategic thinking, having fostered enduring client relationships marked by successful negotiations and a client-first approach. With an ethical foundation and an eye on industry trends, Rob continues to be a driving force, shaping financial success stories for clients. My commitment to excellence has earned me a well-deserved place as a distinguished figure in the finance industry.


Elias Missailidis
CEO of Solomon Finance / Finance Broker

Elias brings a decade of finance expertise to his role as CEO of Solomon Finance.


Passionate about empowering clients to achieve their financial aspirations, he specializes in structuring personalized financial strategies for optimal outcomes.


With a keen focus on client satisfaction and financial literacy, Elias is dedicated to helping clients understand and navigate their financial futures.


Under his visionary leadership, Solomon Finance has experienced significant growth and remains committed to helping individuals attain their financial goals.

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